JeeJee Helsinki is a boutique marketing agency specialising in data driven marketing, marketing automation, multi-channel communications and change management. Put your data into action and learn who your customers really are. Want to know more? Contact us and we'll chat more. Cheers!

Communication strategy
Clear communication is one of the most important tasks for any company. With data driven approach your customers will always get relevant messages.

Marketing automation
Marketing automation might sound daunting, but fear you shouldn’t. We’ll help you to find the right partners and tools to take the plunge.

Marketing project management
Bringing marketing projects together in time requires understanding of marketing, design, digital and IT sides of the project. Save time and money with.

Social media strategy
Every company’s social media strategy is different. It’s vital to tie social media to overall strategy and customer journey and choose the right channels.

Customer journey planning
Building a meaningful customer journey to match overall strategy is as important as the strategy itself. We always advise to put the customer first.

Change management
Change is never easy, but with well planned change management you can make it a successful and seamless journey. We'll hold your hand from start to finish.